How to choose a children's scooter

1, the armor material is very important

The handrail has the function of anti-slip, shock-absorbing and shock-proof, and in order to improve its anti-slip performance, it is specially designed into a tooth shape, which makes the user more comfortable and safe to use.

2, the scooter bracket must be strong

The chrome-plated layer has good high-temperature wear resistance, which not only fully meets the requirements of the rolling pipe, but also has a long service life.

3, the board should be resistant to aging

Scooters have high requirements on the board surface. Generally, ASA plastics have good high temperature resistance and good chemical resistance.

4, the wheel should wear

The performance of the scooter on the wheels is also relatively high. TPA has actually been far from the performance of rubber, lack of flexibility, but good toughness, chemical resistance and wear resistance, has a very good sound-absorbing function, in line with the requirements of skateboard wheels.